Onscreen graphics is what Idea Swamp does, and we do 'em right.  From visualizing alien fish-people, to resurrecting a torn-down landmark, or telling your audience when your next show will be on air.  Idea Swamp has been hard at work delivering high-quality animation at a fast pace since 2004.



You know how it day, you're minding your own business, and the next, you're in dire need of a monster, alien, or robot for your film or TV show.  We understand the trials and tribulations of such things, and have developed advanced modeling, rigging, and animation techniques to deliver fun and exciting characters to you on a piping hot platter of awesome.  But then maybe you decide it should be done in a mid-century minimalist animation problem, we speak 2D too.



Sometimes a concept is just too hard to explain in words and you need a visual helping hand.  That's our bread and butter at Idea Swamp, explaining the hard-to-explain, visualizing the difficult to conceive, be it a complex scientific concept, a cryptozoological beast marauding the countryside, or a map that takes your narrative from one place to another. Next time you find yourself in need of some visual shorthand, drop us a line.



At some point, everyone will need a logo to fly around on the screen.  It might be shiny, it might be gritty, but it will be moving.  Or maybe your project is in need of a main title or interstitial text. As it happens, Idea Swamp has done a lot of this sort of thing over the years, from on-air promos to main titles to show packages. We'd love to do one for you, too!


 If you're in need of something graphical and/or animated, drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss.